Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Eight

December 28, 2017
December 11th 1:02am-1:32am 30 minutes. Side of the bed, feet on the floor sitting up straight hands just above the knees palms facing up for whole meditation session. From the outset, took slower deeper breaths starting from the belly up through the rib cage to the chest for the whole time. Intense tearing out of right eye started about five minutes in for most of the session. By comparison, a tiny bit out of the left eye. Rather anxious to get to bed although that didn't affect the quality of my breaths. I did peek at the timer with 8:10 to go. During this meditation, the thought of doing a guided meditation for a body scan that I have on one of my devices before going to bed did cross my mind. Right side of my face very relaxed at conclusion. Field of vision improved. To be continued... This is the eighth day in a series. Feel free to go back and read my daily entries. Have you heard about meditation? Have you thought about trying it? Do you practice meditation? Is your practice consistent or does it have it's ups and downs? What are some of positive discoveries that have been revealed to you as a result of your practice?