Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Nine.

December 29, 2017
Day 9 December 11th. 3:01 to 3:31P.m. 30 minutes Bumpy ride in terms of finding that quiet settled place today. Landed inside a cafe. Background activity: Music. Tony Bennett singing a Christmas song. Workers behind the counter yelling out orders. Young male voice talking about a diagnostic test to friends in a conversation. I inhaled particle in the air which got caught in my throat. For someone who depends on their voice for a living, this can be a hazardous situation with lasting consequences. A couple of people were coughing so I decided to go out to my car and sit in the driver seat and meditate. Not the most comfortable way to do this. Stomach discomfort... concentrating on area of throat where particle was lodged. Feeling my afternoon attempt was sub par, when I got home from work in the wee hours I did a guided meditation using a recording that I have had I my iPad for years. It prepares you for sleep and can be done lying down as many times as you'd like to repeat it. The timbre of the voice to the women who does it is just right. It runs about 14 minutes. You start from the top of your head on your pillow and slowly work your way down through your face, cheeks, shoulders, arms, ribs, pelvis, legs, ankles and toes while breathing slowly all the way. You will really connect with parts of your body and feel either nothing or various sensations like, heat, cold, tingling or even your stomach gurgling. I usually do it just once. For the heck of it, I tried doing it four times which amounted to about 48 minutes. After the forth time this time, my back felt so relaxed it was like I didn't have a back. It felt like that pair of sneakers that is so comfortable, it feels like you don't have them on or don't want to take them off. At first my cheeks felt like they were hard like rocks sitting high on my face. By the time I was done, my cheeks had softened, felt very relaxed and lower on my face, like falling teardrops. To be continued...