Dedication To Meditation - Dean's Diary Day Eleven

January 2, 2018
December 13 1:38 PM to 2:08 sitting in dining room chair. Good posture good deep breathing throughout starting from the belly up through the chest and through the mouth At times found myself feeling a leaning forward sensation like A skier flying through the air out front head over his skies. No pains at all today. Slight sensation in a line left to right. just above the cheeks on my face. No tearing in the eyes today to speak of maybe just a little toward the end of the half hour. Overall less than usual . Tried to do a body scan meditation about six times starting at the top of my head was confused which way at first I wanted to go left or right or top to bottom. My mind would wander not focused finally got down to the throat and shoulder area didn't quite get to do each arm. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night but still feeling more easily motivated and keeping my surroundings up. Not as much of a chore as it used to be. Even though I have a lot of work to do ahead of me it's not the mountain that it used to be. Generally feeling less stressed over all. The positive benefits of sustained practice are beginning to reveal themselves.