Bringing Home Best Wishes

January 9, 2018
So many great stories of love and romance to share on PillowTalk. Jose in Norwich reaching out to Leida, the most beautiful and wonderful woman he has ever known. Or Dana from Mansfield Depot so glad to have his wife home from the hospital. Or Grace from New York wishing her mother Carol a Happy 58th birthday. In fact, here is Grace's request via email: Hi Dean! My name is Grace, and my amazing mother is an avid fan of your radio show (and listens every night.) Today is her 58th birthday! Can you please dedicate Prince - "Little Red Corvette" to her tonight, and wish her a happy birthday from her daughter in New York? Thank you so much! Stay warm - Best, Grace And the results, from the birthday girl, Carol: Dean. Thank you very much for the wonderful birthday remarks. I keep the lite on 24/7. I am most appreciative to my family — Grace of course and you - Dean! Kind regards! Carol. I will never forget this birthday!