Connecticut Among Top 5 States People Are Leaving

January 9, 2018
"Go west, young man" may have been a phrase popularized by Horace Greeley in the late 19th century, but it seems the 21st century has brought that suggestion to fruition. According to the 2017 National Movers Survey conducted by United Van Lines, more people are heading to the Mountain West region than anywhere else in the United States, with one exception. The top 6 states that people are moving to (percentage of inbound moves):
  1. Vermont (68%)
  2. Oregon (65%)
  3. Idaho (63%)
  4. Nevada (61%)
  5. South Dakota (61%)
  6. Washington (59%)
The top 6 states people were leaving, according to the survey (percentage of outbound moves):
  1. Illinois (63%)
  2. New Jersey (63%)
  3. New York (61%)
  4. Connecticut (57%)
  5. Kansas (57%)
  6. Massachusetts (56%)
The two most balanced states were Nebraska and New Hampshire who each had approximately the same number of inbound moves as outbound.