The Dream Of A 14 Year Old Comes True

January 9, 2018
Autumn from Torrington was just 14 when she met Benjamin. She was a little too young at the time to be involved with a guy who was four years older. With time and maturity, they ran into each other again. This time, everything seems to be falling into place. About a year ago, things got a little more serious as they have grown closer. Monday night Autumn called to share some of the background of their relationship. She wanted Benjamin to know how much she loves him just in case he has any doubts. Listen to my conversation I had with Autumn and the song we chose for her at her request by Rascal Flatts. [cbs-audio-player title="Autumn Tells Us About Benjamin" ="Dean Richards" download=false image="" url="/sites/g/files/giy2186/f/Audio/autumnben.mp3" station_name="WRCH" station_logo=""]