Fragile Relationship Has A Happy Ending

January 10, 2018
The last time I talked to Randall of Waterbury was about a year and a half ago. He and his girlfriend Ana had just had a major disagreement. She left to go home to Panama to be with her family. Randall wasn't sure if he would ever see Ana again. He sounded very depressed. Over time they reestablished contact long distance. Talking by phone staying in touch on Facebook. Fast forward to Wednesday night. I was surprised when I picked up the PillowTalk love lines to hear Randall's voice on the other end. He sounded upbeat and had some great news for me. After their long distance contact, they were able to share their real feelings for each other. Randall told me that they got married last August. Randall says he is so happy that Ana's face is the first one he sees when he gets up in the morning. He told me to play When I'm With You by Sheriff because it's a beautiful song with special meaning to him. Almost as beautiful as Ana is to him. Congratulations!It's nice to hear from longtime listeners who haven't called in a while. Dawn from Torrington just called me for the first time in 15 years. She has been listening to PillowTalk since she was 19. Thank you so much.