Joan Dylan Food Blog

January 12, 2018
I am into my second week of eating these delicious pre-made, delivered, custom- made meals, by Food Creations By Dina.  Dina Beecher is the owner of Max Muscle in Glastonbury and she is amazing at listening to what your exact health and or weight loss goals are and helping you get there in a delicious, nutritious, way!  I told Dina I need real food, what I liked, what I don't like, any food allergies I have and she whipped up all my lunches and diner for the week! For me: no food shopping, prepping, cooking, and packing for work or on the road means a very easy way to meet my goals. I cannot tell you how delicious the food is too! Dina is a certified nutritionist and a trainer so she knows how to take your goals and make them happen! Call her now and say Joan Dylan told you and you can get a great deal! 860-430-9708