Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sons Share 'Beat It' Video for Her Last Day of Chemo

January 12, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling When it comes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' cancer diagnosis, her kids are confident that she'll "beat it." Related: ‘Veep’ Stars Lip Sync Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ for Julia Louis-Dreyfus The Seinfeld and Veep actress shared a funny video of her sons, Henry and Charlie Hall, lip-syncing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" to commemorate their mom's last day of chemotherapy. "My beauty boys Henry and Charlie made this for me today, my last day of chemotherapy," Louis-Dreyfus shared on Instagram with the clip. "Pretty swell, right? Ain’t they sweet?" The video finds the guys really getting into the Michael Jackson classic, pumping their mom up to get through her last day of treatment. Watch the clip below.

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