The Jim Brickman Show: Saturday Morning On Air And Online

January 12, 2018
Show Preview We're so excited to be back with our first new show of the year with the whole crew.  If you’ve got New Years’ Resolutions, do we have the show for you-- we’ve got the expert here to help YOU find and sustain love in the new year. Plus, organizational queen Lynn Poulton is here with her simple ways to start the year fresh, AND, some tips for those trying to stay disciplined with their fitness in 2018 ! But first, I’m super excited, my friend Ben Folds is here to talk about his early days as a musician on the Jim Brickman show.  Tune in from 6 - 10 on the air and online for the Jim Brickman Show.  Here is this weeks Brickman Bonus Video.
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