Joan Dylan Food and Weight Loss Blog

January 18, 2018
This is difficult. I really packed on some pounds this last year and while i did work out regularly I once again had to come to the unsexy truth: LESS FOOD, MORE MOVEMENT.  You simply cannot out exercise poor food choices. It caught up with me and the good lesson is that I still feel good about myself, I do not need to be a certain weight or size for my self worth but for health reasons and better quality of life and flexibility I need to get rid of this excess weight.  I have  the best nutrition plan with the owner of Max Muscle in Glastonbury and her food plan called Food Creations By Dina.  I sat down with Dina and she let me tell her about my likes, dislikes and I was very firm with the point that I am NEVER going to do something gimmicky again... no shakes, pills, bars, NO! Real food: meat, fish, chicken, turkey, sides I want like rice, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. and of course the fresh veggies to choose from are endless. I get my meals on Sunday and  I have all my lunches and dinners 100 ready to go! No shopping, cooking prepping, packing, measuring, this is amazing!  Call Dina and sit down with her now! Tell her Joan Dylan sent you and you will get the special deal. Call 860-430-9708