Some Schools Banning Best Friends

January 18, 2018
In a process that began in England, and has now made its way to the United States, some schools are attempting to eliminate this concept because it is exclusionary and makes other kids feel bad. Child and family psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg says, “The notion of choosing best friends is deeply embedded in our culture.” Adding, however, that she did find "merit" in the practice, saying, “Child after child comes to my therapy office distressed when their best friend has now given someone else this coveted title.” One school in England has gone so far as telling parents that if they're having a party, "ALL children must be invited." I guess there won't be any more birthday parties. And what happens when that one kid doesn't get picked up by his or her parents? That happened on my 8th birthday. I had plans to go somewhere with my grandparents that evening that I was really looking forward to, but when one of the kids I invited to my birthday party, by choice I might add, was not retrieved by his parents, my folks were unable to get me to the rendezvous point at the necessary time. Thanks for ruining my birthday, irresponsible parents of that other kid.