Special Meaning To Different People

January 18, 2018
It's one of my great joys of hosting PillowTalk weeknights on Lite 100.5 WRCH. Sometimess I sit back and look at all of the requests and dedications at the end of the night. They each have a very special meaning for every listener but they all effect listeners in different ways. For example: Heather Rose from East Hampden, MA is going through a rough patch in her relationship with Justin. PillowTalk gave her an avenue, a channel through which to say something she needed to say but was unable to say in other ways. Sting's song is the one she identifies with most. [cbs-audio-player title="Heather Rose opens her heart" ="Dean Richards" download=false image="https://cbswrch2.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/pillowtalk-new-logo-copy.jpg" url="/sites/g/files/giy2186/f/Audio/heatherjustin.mp3" station_name="WRCH" station_logo="http://cbswrch2.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/lite100.png"]
It's been 14 years of marriage for Kim and Peter of Terryville. In a lot of cases, working at night might cause a strain on the relationship. That's why I'm happy that PillowTalk keeps friends and lovers connected through trying but necessary circumstances. Here's Kim on the love lines with me on Thursday night. [cbs-audio-player title="Kim Connects with Husband Peter " ="Dean Richards" download=false image="https://cbswrch2.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/pillowtalk-new-logo-copy.jpg" url="/sites/g/files/giy2186/f/Audio/kimpeter.mp3" station_name="WRCH" station_logo="http://cbswrch2.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/lite100.png"]
Gloria in East Hartford called to hear a song that she has always loved. Delores O'Riordan with the Cranberries.