Dr. Ducharme’s Blog January 22, 2017 The Art of Being Happy

January 22, 2018
Have you ever noticed that some people manage to be happy most of the time? It is not that they don’t have problems or face challenges. But it is the way they approach life they helps them be so upbeat. They look at challenges as opportunities. When many get frustrated or upset when things aren’t going the way they might have liked, they still manage to be OK. I decided to take a look at what the research says about the traits of happy people. Here are a few of the things identified. Happy people : 1. Have passion. They face challenges head on and enjoy being in the groove of doing things. 2. Understand that happiness is a choice and a way of life. They don’t expect success, money or fame will suddenly make them happy. 3. Are grateful for what they have. 4. Smile. It sends dopamine through the body and attracts others to them. 5. Are generous. They get that money can buy happiness if you give it to others. 6. Are compassionate 7. Understand that you can’t always be the winner 8. Take responsibility for their own actions and don’t spend a lot of time whining about others. 9. Picture themselves being happy…walking with a smile and feeling joy 10. Understand that taking care of their own needs is not always being selfish. I know there are more things you might be able to add to this list. But these are pretty basic and I believe really doable. If we think of happiness as a choice, as a way to approach every day, we certainly will have a better chance of experiencing happiness in our own life.