Tips For Safe Winter Road Trips

January 22, 2018
At this writing, we are only about a quarter of the way through the Winter of 2018. There is a lot more potentially bad winter weather to come. Be prepared! Stay safe! It's a good idea to keep these winter driving tips in mind, especially if you are actually planning to hit the road. The State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection recommends the following: - Plan your trips with care. - Fill the gas tank before beginning your journey. - Check windshield wipers, wiper fluid levels and tire pressure. - Fully charge your cellphone. - Carry winter blankets, extra clothes, water and snacks in your vehicle. - Check travel conditions ahead of time. - Make sure to carry a shovel, sand or and salt in your trunk. - Wear seat belts and always use signals. - Clear snow from headlights and taillights so you can see and be seen - Completely clear snow from your vehicle to be safe and avoid fines in Connecticut. Be prepared and enjoy your journey.