Food That Saves Time, Money, and Your Diet!

January 25, 2018
Boxed Meal services that you cook vs. Food Creations By Dina

Saving time, money, and saving my diet by already having all my meals prepped is a no-brainier! Dina sat with me to ask exactly what I like and what I don't want, any allergies, and what my weight loss and health goals were. On the average I am down 3 pounds a week, no shopping, prepping cooking and the meals are so tasty!! Let's compare below:

Food Creations by Dina is real food: High quality Beef, Chicken, Fish, and vegetables that are more affordable than shopping the same ingredients at a supermarket. Not only does Dina Customize your meals, she does the measuring, shopping, packing, cooking and delivering to you! This saves you money and time! The boxed meal kits may save grocery shopping time ... but you still have to measure some ingredients and YOU do the cooking!. No biggie right?  Until you are rushed for time and grab for something on the run  and blow your diet.  With Dina's meals I have found that you save over $20 per entrée when comparing and your time!!!!!  Food Creations By Dina offers you variety and flexibility, order today for delivery next week as many or as few meals as you like.  Call Dina today at 860-430-9708 be all set next week with all your lunches and dinners for a whole week or as little as you like!