Justin Timberlake Isn't Worried About Perfection for Super Bowl Performance

January 25, 2018
By Robyn Collins Pepsi has revealed a new clip of Justin Timberlake and his team preparing for their Super Bowl LII halftime performance. Related: Justin Timberlake Teams With Chris Stapleton For ‘Say Something’ The video focuses on the intense dance routines planned for the show and features longtime Timberlake choreographer Marty Kedelka (they go back to *NSYNC days). Despite the exacting rehearsals, Justin is most concerned with having a good time. "Unity, that's all we're gonna try to do. I don't worry about if things go wrong, because perfection is the death of greatness," he says. "If the ethos can be like hey; for 12 to 13 minutes we're gonna have a really good time, I think if everything spawns off of that, I think it'll be fine." Check out latest halftime preview below.