Delilah Dilemma: He Is Desperately In Love With Her

January 27, 2018
This Delilah Dilemma is from man who was married briefly to a woman who betrayed him cheated on him, broke his heart and hooked up with another man and is now drinking and drugging and partying with the other dude, and he cannot get her off his mind. Tony I know that you think you are desperately in love with her, but really my friend you are addicted to her and that is going to kill you buddy. How do you get her off of your mind?  You don’t, it’s an addiction pattern that you are stuck in and you can’t force your heart or your brain to stop thinking of her.   I mean every time you try, those thought patterns go right back into the grooves that have developed in your mind because you are addicted to her. What can you do, you can start healing by getting involved in your own life.  The more you focus on what God wants you to do in the future, the more you focus on the blessing to others,  the more you focus on taking care of you,  the less space there will be your brain to keep going over and over and over conversations with her to let her know how foolish she has been.  I know what you do!  You plan out these elaborate conversations.   You script them out in your brain, you think you come up with the right combinations of words to make her see how foolish she has been. It doesn’t work, trust me… I tried for years.  Like you,  I was in love with a man.   I married him, we had a child and he betrayed me not once,  but several times and I was stuck in a pattern,  and when I found my way to recovery and when I found my way back to God,  I discovered that I didn’t have enough time and energy to be obsessed about him and be a good parent.   I didn't have enough space in my brain to be great on radio and to be great a blessing others while all of my emotional energy was going to rescuing him.  So stop being a rescue ranger and start focusing on your recovery OK -D Click HERE for more Delilah Dilemmas Delilah Requests 1-888-633-5452 Text:48484       Postal Address: Delilah Show 4742 42nd Ave SW#1 Seattle , Washington 98116         Delilah Til Dawn Weekends 7pm - 5am Weekdays midnight - 5am