My Latest Food Delivery Experience

January 28, 2018
So I have been on a mission for the past few months to find the best home meal kit delivery service for the money. They can be pricy and some of them are a little too fancy for most of us but I haven't been totally disappointed yet! I'm loving this! Perhaps the best part of this week's experiment is the minimal amount of time and effort it took to make the dishes! Under 10 minutes for all of them, and no cutting or prepping. The ultimate time saver and no sacrifice for healthiness! Most of the services will give you half off your first order, and eventually if you order a couple more a lot of them will give you a few free boxes to let your friends try! So far I have tried HelloFresh, and Blue Apron. This week I tried Hungry Root and I've got to say I am LOVING it! This one is all vegan, everything made from fruits and veggies super healthy and delicious too! You'd never miss the carbs and gluten and dairy! I'd definitely recommend this one to anyone looking to try something different, healthy, and easy to make! Click here to check out what they've got to offer!