'Secret Santas' Pay Off $70,000 in Walmart Layaway Purchases

December 16, 2019

Families in Alabama have been granted a Christmas miracle after their Walmart layaway purchases were paid off by anonymous donors.

The holiday surprise occurred at two separate Walmart stores in Alabama.

At the chain’s Anniston, Alabama location, a mystery man walked in and paid off $45,000 of the remaining balances in the store’s layaway department, reported People.

The “Secret Santa” left a note for each of the unsuspecting customers that read: “God loves you. Jesus paid the price.”

One shopper had stopped into to pay off her remaining balance when a store employee informed her of the good news.

“I said, ‘I just wanna check and see how much I owe on my layaway so I can get it off in time for Christmas,’” Hannah Haynes recounted to WBMA. “[The cashier] said, ‘Okay.’ So she pulled up my account and said, ‘You don’t owe anything.’ And I said, ‘Excuse me?’”

Besides saving her some cash, the good Samaritan's generosity has had a lasting effect on the woman’s attitude.

“Every day I’m gonna wake up like, ‘How can I bless someone? How can I show someone that type of love?’” she added.

Meanwhile four miles away, shoppers at Walmart’s Oxford store experienced a similar situation when an unidentified person paid off another $25,000 in layaway purchases two days later.

In this case, customers did not receive a note and it remains unclear if the donations were made by the same person.

Coincidence or not, Walmart says this type of thoughtful behavior is pretty common at their retail locations during this time of year.

“We see it quite frequently around the holiday season,” a company spokesperson noted. “There’s a lot of kind and really generous people who make a difference.”

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