7 of Harry Styles' Most Iconic Fashion Moments

February 1, 2020

Harry Styles couldn’t have a more appropriate last night.

Since rising to fame as a part of One Direction, the 26-year-old has gone from a young boy band singer to full-on fashion icon by continuing to set trends with his bold sartorial choices.

From sharp suits to high-waisted pants to fearless gender-bending getups, Styles is not only paving the way for fellow A-list Hollywood heartthrobs such as Timothée Chalamet, he’s also letting men everywhere know they don’t have to play it safe. Leave the navy suits at home, fellas!

The “Fine Line” singer was also recently praised for his dapper icon status by being named one of GQ’s most stylish men of the decade.

Furthermore, the English fashionista is so meticulous about his stylish ensembles that he’s known to keep them in frozen vaults under 24-hour surveillance. He’s got couture on lock, literally.

In honor of Styles’ stylish swagger, here are seven of his most fashionable and fiercest looks.

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