Watch Hozier shock man on the street singing 'Take Me to Church'

Game recognizes game in this candid social meeting of musicians

October 14, 2020

Hozier did his part to support struggling musicians during the coronavirus crises and dropped a few bills into the case of a street musician playing his hit track “Take Me To Church.”

Cameras were rolling on an Irish man strumming his acoustic guitar to mimic the 2014 hit song. There wasn’t much of a crowd to speak of at the Dublin Street shopping area. Off the right side of the screen, Hozier strides towards the street musician with shopping bags and mask in tote. He drops some money in the open guitar case and bleats a quiet “thank you,” to the performer.

The surreal moment caught the guitarist by surprise as he commented over his microphone “Thank you so much, have a good one man… Wow, that was Hozier.”

Representatives for Hozier later confirmed the Irishman’s identity.

This viral moment could be a saving grace for the artist who recently committed a social faux pas on Instagram. The singer was messing around on his Instagram story last month, and decided to send his friends a quick video of himself using the "Handsome Squidward" filter as he gives a perfect "yea gurl" while brushing his lip with a finger.

Troubles were about when he accidentally shared the video on his public story, broadcasting the strange message to 1.6 million users. He quickly deleted the post and commented “Hahahah Inconsolable weeping Christ. That Handsome Squidward content was Just For The Boys. Pray for me. Thank you.”

Hozier has been musically quiet since his 2019 album, Wasteland, Baby! After his 2020 touring plans were put on hold, the artist focused more attention to his charitable projects, including Global Citizen’s Together at Home

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