The Empowering Reason Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Her 50th Birthday

August 30, 2019

Jennifer Lopez capped off turning the big 5-0 last month with a massive birthday blowout in Miami after celebrating the milestone throughout the summer during her blockbuster “It’s My Party” world tour.

And while no one could blame her for having fun, the pop diva revealed how many people around her didn’t understand why she wanted to publicize her age so much, according to People.

"Everybody thought I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everybody know that I was 50," the “Medicine” singer disclosed in a YouTube travel vlog. "They were like 'Why are we highlighting this, again?'"

But she was motivated to help remove any stigma people may have about getting older and not let age hold them back from achieving what they want out of life.

“You’re getting better and better as you go, so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving,” Lopez said.

The “Hustlers” star also found it empowering because she wanted to make it known she wasn’t going to disappear just because she was a certain age.

"It was important as a woman to do that -- to let people know that you don’t get to write women off at a certain point in their life,” the media mogul explained.

Speaking of being written off, Lopez recently disclosed how many in the industry felt her career was over when she agreed to be a judge on “American Idol” in 2011.

“Everybody was like, ‘Don’t do this. Your career will be over, and they won’t offer you any movies. They’ll think you’re a joke as an artist,’" the multi-hyphenate star recounted.

But after joining the Fox reality singing competition series, Lopez recorded one of the biggest songs of her career (“On the Floor”), created and starred on various TV shows (“Shades of Blue,” “World of Dance”), headlined profitable films (“Boy Next Door,” “Second Act”), launched a successful Las Vegas residency and world tour, and is now readying for the premiere of her next film, “Hustlers.”

Looking back “American Idol” really did change everything for J.Lo.