When to Get the Best Deal on a Christmas Tree

December 1, 2019

Can you believe Christmas is just ONE MONTH AWAY?! 

Did you get your tree yet? Usually, it pays to be early, but in this case, getting your tree on the later side will save you big bucks. You might think that Black Friday would be a great time to pick up your evergreen, but it's actually when you'll pay the highest prices.

Waiting until December 15th will actually get you the best deals. We're talking about real trees - not the fake ones you find in box stores.

Last year, the average price on Black Friday was $79.11 and even higher on Cyber Monday. If you hold off until the week before Christmas, you can pick one up for around $56. Of course, you'll have to decide if saving a few bucks is worth having a treeless house for most of December.

Christmas tree supply is actually low this year, which will make deals not as easy to come by. Due to the recession back in 2008, farmers didn't plant as many trees, and we're just now feeling the effects because Christmas trees take 10 years to grow.

Happy Holidays! 

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