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It's Spring!

We shouldn't have to "think" spring, because spring is officially here! However, winter is extending into it unwelcomingly. This is not unusual here in the northeast. We know that March can be a difficult month, and this year is proving that point; as we prepare for the 4th nor'easter in 3 weeks... Read More
Ringo Starr

The Beatles' Ringo Starr Knighted By Prince William

That’s Sir Ringo to you. Legendary drummer Ringo Starr has joined fellow Beatle Paul McCartney as an official British knight. RELATED: Beatles Manager Brian Epstein Focus of New Biopic Series Starr was knighted by the Duke of Cambridge, AKA Prince William , eldest song of the late Princess Diana ... Read More

93% Of All Water Bottles Have Plastics In The Water

So, your eating better, excercising and drinking more water? Why is this not a healthy thing? Well, as of last week reported by BBC, USA Today, New York Times, Fortune magazine and several other reputable sources, that water bottle you paid 3 bucks for may very well contain plastic particles. Now,... Read More

7 Life Lessons From Mr. Rogers That Are Still True for Adults

Mr. Fred Rogers would have turned 90 years old today (March 20). With political fights on our Facebook feeds every day and just dealing with life’s daily struggles, we wanted to take a short trip down memory lane with some of the best lessons that many of us learned from Mr. Rogers. We may be... Read More

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut March 20th, 2018

We love to brag about Connecticut – as you can tell – and one reason we love Connecticut is our unsurpassed quality of life Now, think about all the factors that go into quality of life.. We have all four seasons, great schools, a terrific location, mountains, seashore... But what would you say is... Read More
Couple In Love

Pillowtalk:Bring Your Best Friends Sister

What do you do when it's your honey's birthday and you can't be there because life gets in the way? You call PillowTalk and get your love message out on Lite 100.5 WRCH. It's just like being there when your voice is on the radio. That's the spot John from Burlington found himself in when he called... Read More

NBC Orders Third Season of 'Will & Grace' Revival

The first season of the Will & Grace revival hasn't even ended its television run yet, but NBC has already ordered a third season of the hit show. The show, which returned to television screens last September, has proven to be one of the most successful television revivals that we've seen... Read More

RECIPE: Rustic Antipasto Flatbread

Create a memorable old world moment for your friends and family with this simple-to-prepare rustic flatbread. It’s layered with authentic sliced Italian salami and cheese baked golden and delicious garnished with prosciutto and a colorful assortment of Italian antipasto marinated artichokes,... Read More

Penguin Takes Awesome Selfie

Emperor Penguins are considered to be social, and curious. So it should be no surprise that when these birds discovered a camera that had been left behind on the ice by an Australian Antarctic Division explorer, the penguins would be sure to investigate. The footage that was captured is just... Read More