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Bruce Springsteen

“Springsteen on Broadway” Is Coming To Netflix

On the final night of Bruce Springsteen ’s completely sold out, 236-show run on Broadway, fans can re-watch "Springsteen on Broadway" from their living room couch. RELATED: Bruce Springsteen Releases 4-Hour Recording from 1978 Performance That's right, the highly-praised solo acoustic performance... Read More
W R C H Song Secret

Song Secret: His Brother & Sister Drummed On Empty Bottles

It was released in 1979 and would be his first chart topper. If you listen to the open of the song, you will hear his Brother and Sister bring out the drumsticks and play on empty bottles. The track would become the first of many Grammy award winners for this individual. The lyrics were... Read More

You Could Be Flushing The Fuel Of The Future Right Down The Toilet

Forget about solar energy and wind turbines, used toilet paper could be powering your home if Dutch scientists have their way. Researchers from the University of the Netherlands and the University of Amsterdam are looking into that very possibility. One researcher says the basic technology is... Read More

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut July 17th, 2018

Did you know that Connecticut is known as Aerospace Alley? It’s true. Connecticut is known around the world for Pratt & Whitney jet engines, Sikorsky helicopters, and all the contributions companies like Kaman and U-T-C make to our space program.But in aerospace circles, Connecticut is also... Read More

Our List Of Best Hot Dogs In Ct.

Yep, National Hot Dog Month according to Yelp. Right at the top of the list, in at a dead tie with 4 and half stars is Rileys Hot Dog and Burger Gourmet and Sahadi's Hottie's both in New Brittian. The list goes on to boast great red hots with 4 star ratings such as: Capitol Lunch (also in New... Read More

PillowTalk: How Cute Is This?

What a hoot! I can only imagine the joy and surprise of a six year old young lady getting a birthday love dedication on the radio! The reaction of a six year old hearing my voice say " Happy Birthday Janiyah from Waterbury from your Uncle Jeff in Middletown. Your uncle hopes you have the best... Read More