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The MTV Moon Person Satue inside Radio City Music Hall for 2018 MTV Video Music Awards Press Junket on August 17, 2018 in New York City.

No Cable? No Problem! Here's How to Watch the MTV VMAs

There was a time when the MTV VMAs was the biggest night around for music lovers! Of course, there was also a time when just about every music-lover had cable in their house. While the VMAs are certainly still a big deal, cable... is not. So what can you do tonight if you don't want to miss Cardi B... Read More
Cardi B

What To Watch For At The 2018 MTV VMAs

They will be honoring Jennifer Lopez , welcoming back Cardi B , and likely remembering Aretha Franklin at Monday night’s MTV Video Music Awards in New York City. The stage is set for a big night of performances and an evening of handing out “Moon Person” awards. There’s no host this year, so it... Read More

The "Most Beautiful Place" In Connecticut

Recently, Conde Naste Traveler decided to list the most beautiful place in each of the 50 states. Granted there are a bunch of lovely locations here in Connecticut , but the one they determined to be the "most" beautiful lies in the western part of the state, in the Litchfield County town of Kent... Read More

Too soon for Pumpkin Spice?

Pumpkin Spice in August!!! We all complain "Summer doesn't last long enough" yet, here we are breaking out Pumpkin Spice Lattes in August! The latest offender was Starbucks with reports saying they could be releasing the Fall flavor by August 28th. This is like having your Christmas tree up before... Read More

Dr. Ducharme’s Blog: Managing Chronic Pain August 20, 2018

Pain is an all-too-familiar problem and the most common reason people see a physician. At least 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. Pain actually serves an important purpose. It alerts us to injuries such as a sprained ankle or... Read More
Garage Organization Ideas

Some Great Ideas For Organizing Your Garage Space

When most of us think of garage clean up we think of a lot of dirt, a lot of tools, and a lot of WORK. There are ways to really combine your efforts and with a ilttle help you just might be surprised at how easy it is to organize and clean up this space that most of us overlook! This time of year... Read More
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Spotlite: AIDS Connecticut (ACT)

Latoya Taylor from AIDS CT. AIDS Connecticut (ACT), in partnership with its member agencies discussed improving the lives of people impacted by HIV through care and supportive services, housing, advocacy and prevention. Read More