PillowTalk: Acquiring A Family

August 11, 2018

Nuccia from Sicily lives in Wethersfield. She is the momma in this situation.

This is a huge weekend for her and her family. Her son Michael from Middletown is marrying his fiancee, Melissa. Melissa has two children, Giordano and John Luca.

Nuccia called PillowTalk to send a love message and let everyone know how thrilled she is to be acquiring a family. She wishes everyone the best of everything in a future filled with happiness and love forever. The song she chose is by Ed Sheeran

Lindsey and Nick's friendship goes back about 20 years to high school prom. They also took a lot of classes together, They grew closer in college then spent a handful of years apart.

When Nick came back to town four or five years later their souls connected again.

Lindsey wants Nick to know that they will always find each other no matter what. They are always going to be soulmates no matter what happens and that they love each other.