Elizabeth Chan WRCH Featured Artist

December 3, 2018

Album Art "Merry Bright Music"


Elizabeth Chan became a Mom last year and says the holidays take a whole new meaning now.  She says " The holidays are already so much a part of our lives that she doesn’t realize that Christmas isn’t every day! She lives in a world where Christmas music is played daily and Christmas trees and decorations go up whenever we want!”  This past October Elizabeth released her 7th holiday record "Best Gift Ever" 

It's an upbeat song with a message that reminds us all that the joy of giving is the best gift anyone could ever ask for. “I had originally written this song for my husband, long before we’ve received the best gift ever in Noelle.” Other notable tracks are Chan’s original renditions of the classics “O Holy Night,” and “For Unto Us” and originals “Bad Kids Go” and “Christmas Through Your Eyes,” both inspired by her daughter. The latter of which speaks on Chan’s experience seeing the holidays anew through her daughter’s eyes.Read the complete article from Elizabeth's official website.