Jakes Delilah Dilemma

Opened His Heart To One With A Broken Heart

June 2, 2018
Gave His Heart To A Broken Heart

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This Delilah Dilemma is from a young man named Jake, who is in his thirties. He opened his heart to love, but the  problem is ,he opened his heart to somebody who is broken.

She has a broken soul, a broken heart and now she is afraid of getting in a relationship.  Jake you are going to have to pray hard,  You say you met this woman church so I'm assuming that means you have faith.  You're going to have to ask the one that you believe in, to show you what to do.  Perhaps in time she will see that you are sincere and are not a player and are  not going to break her heart.   Or if she has been in a series of abusive relationships she probably only feels comfortable in abusive relationships and I know that sounds crazy but there are some of us when we were abused as children when we are incest survivors or had fathers that abused us or people that abused us we are uncomfortable around people that are good to us.  It makes our skin crawl and we feel like we have to get away because it's not the normal for us to be with somebody who's loving.   I know that sounds crazy but it's the true.  So if she was abused as a child, if she suffered in a family where love was conditional then she cannot feel comfortable around somebody showing her unconditional love, and all you can do is pray for her and suggest that she should go talk to somebody and get some counseling so that she will be available emotionally to love you in a committed way. I hope that helps -D