Joy's Delilah Dilemma

December 23, 2018

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is from a young girl named Joy.

Joy, I Gotta say you're talking out of both sides of your neck.  Have you ever heard that expression?  It means you're saying two conflicting things.  On one hand you are saying that you’re a woman of faith, either your Presbyterian or your Baptist but that tells me that you are a woman of faith who believes that God is a higher power and on the other hand you're saying you're worried about the two of you moving far far away.  If this is the person and God his decided you are going to spend eternity with you don't need to worry about distance.  You don't need to worry if he's going in the military and if he is going to be shipped out to Afghanistan you don't need to worry because God holds the future in the palm of his hands, and all worrying will do is stress you out and tear you up.  So if you feel in your heart and in your spirit this is the person that you love and you can cling to that, and don't let circumstances sway you.   OK?  Just hold onto to that faith that you have that this is the person that God has called you to be with and if he feels the same thing, then you guys will make it through anything.  If he doesn’t that's not a good sign but if he does, if he feels that this is from God, trust me it will work out fine.  You just have to be a little patient girl friend.