Kates Delilah Dilemma

October 27, 2018

This Delilah dilemma is from Kate, who wrote to me saying her husband lost his job today and in the next sentence says that she's going to lose her house her home, her little zoo and farm. 

Kate, Here is my response.  First off, how do you know you're going to lose your house.  If your husband just lost his job tonight how do you know he's not going to find a better one next week  if you are going to use that beautiful creative imagination and those thoughts that God is given you, why not use it to imagine the best. Why is it when we go through tough times instead of picturing a fabulous outcome, wonderful things happening why is it that we use our imagination to picture the worst.  Kate to you and anyone going through tough times tonight, I want to say, stop imagining horrible things! Start imagining that miracles happen. -D