Rod Stewart Featured Artist

August 6, 2018
Artist Of The Week

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Rod Stewart coming into the top 30 with an powerful emotional new record called “Didn’t I” A dad standing at the bedside of his child as she clings to life. Female vocal is Bridget Cady.   Still an amazing story teller, listen to this one from Rod Stewart. Lyrics below,

Rod Stewart w/Bridget Cady-Didn't I

There are times to remember and times that I wish to forget
Our time together was tinged with love and regret
Oh my girl, my sweet, sweet little girl

Didn't I try to tell ya
That life was for living
Oh, didn't I?
And wasn't I the guy who said
Stay away from that tribe
Oh, wasn't I?
And didn't I try to tell ya
That stuff's gonna kill ya
Oh, didn't I?
But you thought it was cool
And I was just an old fool
Oh, look at ya

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