Americans Least Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

November 8, 2019

Credit: bhofack2 / iStock / Getty Images Plus


We're less than 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving. I'll admit I'd have a hard time sitting down for that turkey dinner without seeing some form of cranberry sauce on the table, preferably the smooth kind in a can. However, it turns out that we're about evenly split on that. In a recent survey, half of Americans said that cranberry sauce was their least favorite Thanksgiving side dish. And 29% called it "disgusting."

The second least favorite side dish is the green bean casserole. Nearly 25% say the skip that.

Sweet potato casserole or boiled sweet potatoes ranks third. 22% of respondents simply don't like the flavor of the orange vegetable.

And surprisingly, the stuffed bird itself, the star of the day, turkey was frowned upon by 19% of those surveyed.

Pumpkin Pie was ranked as the least favorite dessert.

I'll definitely skip the creamed onions and I'll take a pass on the gravy, too. Otherwise, load me up.