Beer Goggles Are Real

July 20, 2018

© Ganna Poltoratska |


A new study done at the University of Pittsburgh shows what many have suspected for years. Alcohol makes other people more attractive!

Researchers looked at data collected from 16 previous studies. Participants rated the attractiveness of people in photographs, about half were drinking, and the other sober. The intoxicated group gave higher scores.

While the study made no attempt to determine how alcohol affects the brain to make people appear more good-looking, it's believed to be related to human bonding. Other research has shown that humans prefer to be around attractive people; a pretty face stimulates our brains’ reward centers.

Studies have also found that alcohol helps people form connections with strangers. “It suggests yet another way in which we bond is to experience them in a more attractive fashion physically,” said the study's senior author, Pitt psychologist Michael Sayette.