Billy Joel Picks Up Trash

April 16, 2019

Michael Loccisano / Staff

Last Friday night, Billy Joel played Madison Square Garden in New York City for the 63rd consecutive month. But he didn't sleep in the next morning. Instead, he went to the beach. Not to relax in the sand or work on his tan, but to pick up garbage.

Every spring, the town of Oyster Bay on Long Island holds a beach clean-up. And every year, Joel lends his support to his community by helping his neighbors clean up the beach. Town supervisor Joseph Saladino confirmed the Piano Man's participation in the effort, saying, "He got up early and came out on a morning with not ideal weather, and was so gracious to everyone. He's a big supporter of the environment." One participant claimed that his appearance inspired the other volunteers to sing Joel's songs while on litter patrol.

Joel continues his Madison Square Garden residency with his next performance scheduled for May 9th.