Christmas Card Etiquette

November 30, 2018

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If you're sending out Christmas cards this holiday season, you should probably be working on them this weekend. By next weekend, at the latest. Here's what else you should keep in mind according to the etiquette experts:

  • If your family celebrates Christmas, by all means send Christmas cards. But make sure Christmas cards don’t get sent to people who don’t celebrate it. Keep each card appropriate to the recipient.
  • Use your own handwriting wherever possible, especially on the outside of the envelopes and signatures inside the cards. This will give your cards a personal touch and show that you care enough to give each card some attention.
  • Include your return address on all cards. The return address serves many purposes. First, the recipient will know who the card is from right away. Also, it ensures that they have your current address every year and they can use it to send a card back to you if they haven’t already.
  • Don’t send e-cards as a substitute for real cards. A Christmas card should be an act of generosity with a personal touch.
  • When sending Christmas cards to business associates, send it to their offices unless you also know them socially.
  • When sending cards to co-workers, mail the cards to their homes rather than handing them out in the office. This is more personal, and avoids conflict in case you don’t have cards for everyone. It also has a more traditional feel when your card arrives along with everyone else’s in an addressed envelope.