A Clever Way To Avoid A Road Closure

March 14, 2019

ID 109877312 © Alex Grichenko | Dreamstime.com


When an avalanche in Utah forced a road closure, many people were forced to take a lengthy detour from a popular ski resort, or just stay put. However, William Perry wasn't about to be prevented from returning home, or be forced to spend hours in his car driving around the impacted area.

Instead, he decided to use the survival gear he had packed in his car, and ski home. “I’ve got an avalanche probe, beacon, a bivvy bag, shovel, an emergency blanket, extra water, headlamp. I got all the gear, so I figured why not?” 

Perry skied along a nearby river, until he came across workers from the Utah Department of Transportation who warned him that they would be setting off explosives to blast away some of the debris and he would have to leave the area. Since his car was back at the ski area, he was able to hitch a ride with the workers to the mouth of the canyon. The roads remained closed for several hours, but Perry said he enjoyed his adventure, although wasn't sure when he would go get his car.