Connecticut Among Most Educated States

January 25, 2019

(Photo by Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MCT/Sipa USA)


In a study published at wallethub, the states were ranked to determine which are the most educated. The criteria used to determine that list included educational attainment, school quality, and achievement gaps between genders and races. When the numbers were crunched, Connecticut came in at #4.

Grouping the population of each state into two categories after determing percentage of adults with a college degree and quality of education, the top 5 were:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Maryland
  3. Vermont
  4. Connecticut
  5. Colorado

Other findings showed that Montana had the highest percentage of high school graduates while California had the lowest.

Massachusetts had the most bachelor's degree holders, West Virginia the fewest.

Massachusetts also had the highest number of those with professional degrees, while North Dakota had less than any other state.