Connecticut's Rural Roads Are 2nd Worst In The Nation

August 27, 2018

Photo credit: Chuck Taylor


If you've driven on any of the back roads around Connecticut, you surely won't disagree with this finding. A recent report by TRIP, a national transportation research group, reveals that around 15 percent of America’s rural roads are in “poor condition” and severely need repair.

The nation’s rural roads, highways and bridges have significant deficiencies and deterioration. Fourteen percent of the nation’s rural roads have pavements in poor condition, and more than one-fifth of the nation’s rural bridges need rehabilitation, repair or replacement. 

The 5 worst states for rural road conditions are:

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Connecticut
  3. California
  4. Hawaii
  5. Mississippi

And while 10% of rural bridges were found to be deficient, Connecticut did not appear in the top 25 worst states. Rhode Island was #1 on that list, too.