Don't Forget Your Kids!

August 6, 2018

© Konstantin Sutyagin |


It seems like you shouldn't have to remind people not to leave their children in a hot car, but apparently you do. It's summer and it's really hot!

Last year alone, 23 children died when they were accidentally left in hot vehicles. Kids under one year old are the most vulnerable (32% of the deaths fell into this age group). And it's the father who is most often in charge when these deaths occur (33%). But mothers can be forgetful, too (28%). But even both parents are sometimes the irresponsible caregivers (10%).

There are a variety of reasons given why this happened. It's most often a change in routine when these tragedies occur. And in 56% of the cases it happened at the child's home. Followed by work (9%) and daycare (8%).

One suggestion was to leave something "important" in the backseat. While many people wouldn't go anywhere without their phone, purse, or briefcase, is there really anything more important than your child?