Englishman's Missing Bird Returns 4 Years Later ... Speaking Spanish

March 8, 2019

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A British man lost his pet parrot, Nigel, who also spoke with an accent, in 2010 when he flew away from his home in California. Fast forward to 2014, Julia Sperling who runs a dog grooming business, saw an African Grey she recognized from a missing pet poster. On a search for her own missing bird, Teresa Micco, a vet tech had put posters up around the area. Realizing it was not her bird, who kept saying "Que Pasa" and barking like a dog, Ms. Micco noticed Nigel had a microchip implant which she used to locate Darren Chick.

While Mr. Chick looked slightly perplexed when he was first approached about whether or not he was missing a bird, Mr. Chick said he knew it was Nigel the moment he saw him. Even though the bird bit him at first, he seems content to be back home. No one is quite sure where the African Grey Parrot had been the previous four years, and ironically, Nigel's not talking; at least not about his adventure.