Farmer's Almanac Predicts "Polar Coaster" For Connecticut

September 25, 2019

Credit: Maudib / iStock / Getty Images Plus


The Farmer's Almanac recently released it's long range forecast, and it looks like winter will feel like winter here in Connecticut; at least some of the time.

It seems every year we have a new term to use to describe the weather. A few years ago we were introduced to the "polar vortex". However, this year it's a "polar coaster" that's predicted. Essentially predicting the temperatures will fluxuate so greatly with many ups and downs over the season. We can anticipate generally colder temperatures, with the coldest temperatures expected from the end of January through the beginning of February. However, the "Polar Coaster" should continue until sometime in April. However, the almanac says the snowiest period will be early; between mid-November and late-December. 

Their long range forecast is based on a secret formula devised by its founder, Robert B. Thomas in 1792. These days, they also incorporate prognostications from state-of-the-art technology and then apply solar science, climatology and meteorology to their calculations.