Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes By Region

November 21, 2018

ID 127581137 © Alexander Raths | Dreamstime.com


We can certainly agree that the turkey is the star of the show on dinner tables all around America this Thursday. However, a recent survey conducted on the website fivethirtyeight found that our preference for Thanksgiving side dishes depends largely on the part of the country you're in.

For example:

  • Here in the northeast, we prefer squash.
  • While mac & cheese reigns supreme in the south.
  • Rolls & biscuits rule the Great Lakes region.
  • Green bean casserole is tops in the midwest.
  • Cornbread is the must have side dish in the southwest.
  • And salad was determined to be number one out west.

Whatever your favorite is, Thanksgiving is the day to enjoy a second helping and to be thankful for what you have. Happy Thanksgiving!