Get Out! All You Need Is Two Hours A Week

You'll Feel Better & Be Healthier

June 18, 2019

Credit: Peter Dench / Stringer / Getty Images News


You've probably heard about the benefits of getting outside to improve your health and well-being. But no one has told you how much time in the great outdoors is beneficial; until now.

The magic number is 2 hours per week. That's it! A survey of 20,000 people in England, who reported how long they spent in natural environments in the past week, plus their health and well-being, resulted in this finding. Those who spent less than 2 hours in nature were no more likely to report good health or well-being than those who spent no time outside at all. Those who spent about 2 hours had consistently higher health and well-being levels.

“It’s not a huge amount of time. You can spread it over the course of a week or seem to get it in a single dose, it doesn’t really matter,” says Mathew White at the University of Exeter, UK. It seems to be an attainable amount of time for most people. since the analysis found that the average person already spends 94 minutes a week exposed to a natural environment. The amount of improved health from 2 hours spent in nature appears to be significant. It was comparable to the health differences associated with living in a well-off area compared to a deprived one. They also seem to apply to everyone, regardless of age, gender, long term illness or disability.

They also found spending more than two hours in nature doesn't significantly increase the benefits. Two hours is best!