Going To Concerts Can Add Years To Your Life

April 18, 2018

Photo credit: Chuck Taylor


A new study conducted at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that attending performances of live music can add almost a decade to your life expectancy. Associate lecturer Patrick Fagan, who specializes in behavorial science, published the unexpected results.

According to the study, experiencing just 20 minutes of live music per week, increases the feelings of well-being and overall happiness by 21%. The study purported a direct link between going to shows and "high levels of well-being and a lifespan increase of 9 years."

Psychometric testing and heart-rate tests were given to the participants of the study. Results showed an increase in their feelings of self-worth (25%), closeness to others (25%) and mental stimulation (75%) when they attended gigs.

Overall, those who regularly went to concerts were found to be happier, better contented, and more productive, according to test results.