Here's Why Your Cat Likes To Sleep On Your Bed

October 18, 2018

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If your cat likes to sleep on your bed, whether you like it or not, there's probably a good reason. Not the least of which is your cat obviously loves you. This is even more true if your cat likes to sleep on your bed, while you're in it!

It's also comfortable. There's no doubt you've noticed how much your cat enjoys soft, warm places. So your bed fits right into that equation.

Cats enjoy sleeping with their "community." That means you're a part of that community and it's a sign your cat is secure, happy, & comfortable.

It also provides mental comfort for your cat; and you, too. Time spent with your cat will help you feel happier and more secure.

And, finally, your cat owns your bed. Just like he or she owns you. It's theirs, and if they want to sleep on it, they will.