Home Buyers Would Rather Have A/C Than Be Near Family

September 23, 2019

Credit: C5Media / iStock / Getty Images Plus


When you're planning to move into a new place, there are certain requirements people have. Whether you must have a swimming pool, or perhaps a garage, everyone has something that's important to them.

According to a study reported in the Zillow Group 2018 Consumer Housing Trends, which analyzes the trends that people are looking for when buying a new home, or moving to a new apartment, people want air conditioning! In fact, having central air was more important than living near family and friends. 76 percent of home buyers said said air conditioning was very or extremely important, while only 47 percent said the same of living near family or friends. The trend for those looking to rent was similar. 66 percent of renters wanted air conditioning, while only 36 percent ranked being close to loved ones as important.

As you might expect, folks who live in the south thought having a/c was even more important. 97% of folks in Phoenix called it important, as opposed to 32% who wanted to be near family and friends. Elsewhere in the south, 88% required a/c and 44% wanted to be close to friends and relatives.