Horse Yoga Is A Thing

October 30, 2019

Credit: Azindianlany / iStock / Getty Images Plus


You may recall the Hartford Yard Goats hosting a goat yoga event. But apparently goats aren't the only animals to get in on the act. Horses, too, will help you benefit from this practice. But it's nothing new.

Cave paintings reveal that even the earliest equines practiced at least a primitive form of yoga. It is also generally accepted that the modern domesticated horse can credit its incredible speed and agility to the benefits of ancestral yoga poses passed on over the millennium.

Although this is an untraditional approach to yoga, one program created by horse yoga instructor Angela Nunez is called Equine Facilitated Learning. EFL focuses on understanding and managing energy to benefit your experience with the horses and, most importantly, your life. Nunez says the teaching is rooted in yogic traditions and her heart is rooted in her students, the horses, and our world. “My main goal is to help people get back in touch with nature and to realize that we are all part of it. I think horses stir something primal within us, and yoga helps to quiet our minds so we are able to feel that deep place within that is connected to all that is”.

Horse yoga or "equi-yoga" has been held at various locations in Connecticut, including Killingworth, Old Saybrook, Stonington, and Storrs.