Hot Car Deaths Above Average In 2019

September 13, 2019

Credit: Iryna Dobytchina / iStock / Getty Images Plus


We hear these stories far too often. A child left in the back seat of a locked car tragically dies. These unfortunate incidents happened 40 times this year. That's more than 3 dozen children who were killed because someone neglected their responsibility to properly care for them. While any number is too many, this year's total is higher than the annual average. There are usually 38 occurences each year. Although the record was set in 2018, when 53 deaths were recorded.

According to National Safety Council, between 1998-2018, nearly 800 children died in hot cars. 53.8% of hot car deaths were because the children were forgotten, 26.3% died after gaining access unknowingly and 18.6% died after being knowingly left in the car.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers recently announced that automakers would be voluntarily adding rear seat warnings to new vehicles. Alliance Interim President and CEO David Schwietert said in a statement that, “Automakers have been exploring ways to address this safety issue and this commitment underscores how such innovations and increased awareness can help children right now”.