International Respect For Chickens Day Is Saturday

May 3, 2019

Credit: Daniel Berehulak / Staff / Getty Images


Saturday, May 4th, is International Respect For Chickens Day. We have chickens that wander around our neighborhood. I don't really know whose chickens they are, but I don't discourage them from coming around. That's because they are beneficial in a number of ways:

  • They eat ticks and other pests!
  • They help the lawn and garden, not only by fertilizing it, but also by acting as an aerator. This is because chickens naturally scratch and dig the soil to forage for seeds and bugs. During this process, mulch and compost are spread, soil layers mixed and the ground loosens. Most importantly, oxygen is added to the soil and particle size is reduced.
  • They also eat weeds.
  • Plus my wife enjoys having them come around. And there's that saying about a happy wife.

So show some respect for the chickens this weekend.