Jason Aldean Throws Quarantine Prom For Daughter

May 6, 2020

Credit: Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images Entertainment


Like many other high schoolers, 17-year-old Keeley Williams had her prom, scheduled for May 2nd, canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, her dad, Jason Aldean and stepmom Brittany Kerr did their best to put a positive spin on a negative situation.

While the whole family is under lockdown at their beach house, they decorated their home with balloons and banners, and Jason acted as his daughter's prom date. Keely reacted to the surprise by saying, "Oh my gosh! You did not."

After the family enjoyed a take-out dinner from P.F. Chang, the family held a dance party for the teen. Stepmom Brittany seemed to be the one who had the best time, enjoying the fact that she was able to pull off such a great surprise for her new daughter. Jason gave her all the credit, "Man I gotta say, this lady is really special."